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November 7th, 2014

TAGAP Update v2.0

Surprise! The original TAGAP returns with a brand spanking new v2.0 update!

The new version brings forth loads of improvements, most importantly the anti-whitebox fixes seen earlier in TAGAP 2, as well as improved multithreading model that fixes compatibility issues with 64 bit systems. In other words, if you ever had a technical issue preventing you from enjoying the original TAGAP, now it's time to update and see what the 2007 cult-hit was about!

As usual, the update is available both as a full installer and as an update. Head to TAGAP downloads section to get yours. The mirror lists will be updated when new ones come available.

Considering we've been about the HD-approved TAGAP 3 for ages, here's a reminder of what the grandad of apocalyptic penguins from 2007 looks like;

Streaming version: YouTube  |  Download: FanGaming.com, Google Drive, Solid-Notes

I know this update has been a long time coming and the delays are all my fault; I've been so into TAGAP 3 development I honestly forgot I still hadn't finished this patch! Extra special thanks to all the fans who prodded me awake on the matter.

November 4th, 2014

Guest Artist Philip Pan's Waddle meets TAGAP 3

Philip Pan's Waddle meets TAGAP

We have again something special to accompany this week's Weekly Penguin; TAGAP 3 wallpaper from the webcomic artist Philip Pan!

The wallpaper presents a crossover between TAGAP 3 and Pan's Waddle Pond, featuring Walter and Cat from the comic, as well as TAGAP 3's penguin prisoner from Pluto. For more information on both Waddle Pond and how this wallpaper came about, check out the Weekly Penguin feature.

Thank you too, Philip Pan! We love this one!

September 19th, 2014

Join the Penguin Watch

Non-TAGAP penguin news time! You know, there's a sort of an in-joke here among Penguin DT folks about these beautiful Antarctic shots of penguin colonies with hundreds of birds; "if you get bored, try counting these". Well, that is no longer a joke, but an actual thing you can do... for science!

Zooniverse's Penguin Watch is basically a crowdsourced Antarctic wildlife photography annotation project. All you need to do is to spot all the penguins and their eggs in the photographs and place a tag on them within the image. By doing this you're not only helping in cataloguing the photos, but you are also helping the scientists in data gathering.

So, next time when you start getting bored at your office, school or where-ever, just load up www.penguinwatch.org; You get to pass time watching adorable penguins, all the while helping scientists in understanding Antarctic wildlife. If that isn't a win-win scenario, I don't know what is.

July 30th, 2014

T-Day '14 – Behind the Scenes of TAGAP 3

It's TAGAP release anniversary time – the first game was released exactly seven years ago, while TAGAP 2 turns three today! While we can't offer you the birthday of TAGAP 3, we do have a special treat;

The very first Behind the Scenes video for TAGAP 3!

Streaming version: YouTube  |  Download: Google Drive

For more information on the video, check out the new blog update.

You may have noticed that we're one day early with our celebrations. Well, Finland being plagued with heat waves and thunder storms right now, we decided to play things safe and get this out while our connection is solid. But I'm sure none of you TAGAP followers will complain about getting TAGAP 3 goodies a day early!

Happy T-Day 2014!

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November 16th, 2014
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