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July 31st, 2015

TAGAP Day 2015 – and TAGAP 3 Gameplay Trailer!

It is that time of the year again – the anniversary of the release dates of both TAGAP and TAGAP 2! To celebrate the occasion, we bring you the first full-length gameplay trailer – and by full-length, we mean it's a full level playthrough clocking at over 8 minutes! And the best part? It's in full 1080p and 60 FPS!

For full breakdown of the trailer, check out our accompanying new blog post. There are plenty of details pointed out you might otherwise miss. Also, here is a selection of screenshots lifted directly from this trailer;

TAGAP 3 Screenshot 12TAGAP 3 Screenshot 13TAGAP 3 Screenshot 14TAGAP 3 Screenshot 11

But wait, wait; That is not all! This being the first unedited gameplay reel, it also is the public début of the TAGAP3 soundtrack, again composed and produced by Petja Heiskanen. The song is called "Electromagnetic Boogie" and is available for streaming and download on our SoundCloud;

Have an awesome TAGAP Day 2015!

July 25th, 2015

Teasing the gameplay trailer

I've been teasing folks on Twitter for a while now that new 8-minute reel of unedited TAGAP 3 gameplay will be unleashed on TAGAP Day – that is July 31st. There's still almost a week to go, but to tide you over, here's a screenshot from the video.

Screenshot from the gameplay trailer

(this is actual gameplay footage)

If you like what you see, stay tuned next Friday, July 31st, for the full gameplay demonstration in 1080p!

June 15th, 2015

TAGAP 2 speedwaddling!

S.Tagap is on the roll, now speedrunning through TAGAP 2!

June 12th, 2015

Supersonic blast from the past; TAGAP speedrun!

Oh my, good old TAGAP gets around, this time as a speedrun courtesy of S.Tagap (Shu . The Angry Gamer AR Plager)!

From the developer's perspective, I find it fascinating to see how fast you can actually beat the game we spent years creating. Speedrunning in general is something absolutely admire, but can't seem to do myself. I can't help it; Every time I start a speedrun, after a minute or so my completionist OCD takes over and I find myself looking for secrets and side quests.

Big thanks to S.Tagap! Nomen est omen :D

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July 31st, 2015
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TAGAP 3 Screenshot 12 TAGAP 3 Screenshot 13 TAGAP 3 Screenshot 14 TAGAP 3 Screenshot 11 View TAGAP 3 media gallery