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TAGAP: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins

TAGAP 2 making waves on the Interwebs, it might be a good time to check out the original from 2007!

Download the first TAGAP

[Full game with installer: 97 Mb] [v2.0]

Please select one of the following mirror sites:

Earlier versions (upgradable with the latest update, see below):

Latest update

[Any version to v2.0] [Release Notes]

Please select one of the following mirror sites:

DVD cover pack

Publication pack

Full publication pack includes:

  • Printable DVD case covers
  • Printable CD jewel case covers
  • Sticker and LightScribe CD labels
  • DVD case sized manual
  • Manual front and back cover
  • CD autorun files
  • CD burning instructions

Publication pack is available on these sites:

Game manuals

These documents come with the game

PDF file The Player's Handbook

PDF file The Developer's Handbook

System requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7 [1]
  • 1000+ MHz processor
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • 132 Mb free hard disk space
  • OpenGL® compatible video card [2]
  • Windows® compatible sound card
  • Keyboard and mouse
We don't know anyone with Windows 8, but it should work, too
Intel® Graphics requires at least TAGAP v2.0 to work

TAGAP also supports XInput compatible game controllers (i.e. Xbox 360™ Controller and Logitech® ChillStream™). XInput requires at least Windows® XP SP1 or Vista.

Friendly folks helping in distribution:

GamersHell.com AtomicGamer CWF GAU-GAMES.DE Brothersoft.com FreewareFiles.com