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September 24th, 2020

Twitter has gone insane

September 29th, 2020

Now we apparently are no longer a bot? That's nice to know, but Twitter being Twitter, it never told us why it thought as much in the first place. We're monitoring the situation.

Minor update on our Twitter; apparently Twitter think's we're a bot. Obviously we're not, but we can't do anything over there at the moment. So if we're not replying to help requests etc., it's because of that. If this isn't solved, I may delete our long-living account; there's no point in having a public-facing account you can't use.

We've contacted Twitter support, but Twitter's support is notoriously horrendous – to the point it makes YouTube support look semi-competent.

I'll keep you posted here on what happens with the account.

September 18th, 2020

TAGAP 3 Update v2.5

Yes, you read that right; we went from 2.2 to 2.5. The two in between were drastically different attempts at fixing a reported bug, but neither attempt was a success, thus they weren't officially released.

While there is still at least one more update incoming to TAGAP 3, including some new features and more improvements, we decided to unleash this stability in the interim. Better have you lovely folks going about penguin apocalypse in a more steady manner than wait for a big splash patch, right?

You can download the new version as a stand-alone installer, plain zip file or as a light-weight patch to the previous versions of TAGAP 3.

August 13th, 2020

Crucial hotfix to the TAGAP 3 hotfix

Huge apology for the previous update – while it improved the stability, apparently it didn't knock out the crash bugs for everone. As a result, I went back to the proverbial drawing board, armed myself with coffee and started bug hunting. About ten hours later here we are, with a hotfix to a hotfix.

You can download the hotfix as a stand-alone installer, plain zip file or as a light-weight patch to the previous versions of TAGAP 3.

Here's hoping this has finally gotten rid of the nasty bugs! A huge thank-you for everyone reporting in on the issues, we wouldn't have been able to fix them without your help.

August 12th, 2020

Crucial TAGAP 3 hotfix and Classic TAGAP hotfix updates

Crucial hotfix update to TAGAP 3 – with additional fixes to Classic TAGAP.

On TAGAP 3 front, there is a crucial hotfix to the crash issues that popped up with the previous release. My sincerest apologies for these bugs happening. These bugs were really, really hard to track down, as due to different compiler time optimisations requirements between debug and release builds, I wasn't able to replicate the problem in the debug version. But I think I have now cracked the problem – if not, please let me know.

Classic TAGAP updates are more minor, but still essential – including fixing the odd camera zoom bug during cut-scenes.

As always, you can download the updates as stand-alone installers, plain zip files or as more light-weight patches to the previous versions.

To download the freeware goodness, head to Download TAGAP 3 and Download Classic TAGAP sections.

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