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September 29th, 2022

TAGAP Thursdays #8: 4k sweat drops!

The single cover for the soundtrack track Hammond Foundry, due to popular demand now in the glorious widescreen desktop form! I was originally planning on putting all these album artworks up post-launch, but hey; ain't no time like the present.

Witness Pablo's sweat drops in glorious 4k!

TAGAP 4: Pablo enters the iron foundry

1920×1080 1920×1200 3840×2160 (4k)

On the semi-related topic; as mentioned in the previous blog update, we just had the TAGAP 4 voice over recording session last weekend. Most of the voice work is now in place and yes, there might be a behind the scenes video down the line 😉

September 22nd, 2022

TAGAP Thursdays #7: Crunchin' progress update

All these years I've tried to keep everyone in the loop on the current progress status of TAGAP 4, but with all the TAGAP Thursdays shenanigans and themed posts, I've neglected that for some time. So let's get two birds with one blog and make the progress update his week's theme!

So, pop in to the blog to read on what's been going on in the Penguin DT recently!

September 15th, 2022

TAGAP Thursdays #6: Original trilogy updates!

Well, how about that – this week we may not have TAGAP 4 things for you, but a whole lot of the original TAGAP trilogy. TAGAP 3 v2.9 and Classic TAGAP v3.7 are here, bringing bug fixes, performance updates and quality-of-life improvements inherited from TAGAP 4!

In addition to stability improvements in TAGAP 3, the biggest thing is the improved game controller handing. Choosing between the game controller and the mouse + keyboard setup is no longer 'one or the other' – enabling the game controller still lets you use both methods. Well, except when playing TAGAP 2 split-screen, of course.

All SDKs have now been moved their latest versions, which in this case means the end of the 'official Windows 7 support for the games. The games will likely still work on Windows 7, but we can't guarantee (nor actually test) it. The lowest supported version of Windows now is 8.1, under which the games work great – in fact, that's what they're developed on.

The updates are, as always, available as patches, full game installers and as plain zip files. Whatever you need, you'll find it in the Download Classic TAGAP and Download TAGAP 3 sections.

Or hop over to Itch.io where we're now hosting the whole TAGAP trilogy! And yes, everything is freeware everywhere, including Itch.

September 8th, 2022

TAGAP Thursdays #5: Hammond Foundry Reloaded

Time for another slice of TAGAP 4 soundtrack goodness, in form of a song you've heard before – Hammond Foundry, as heard in the level Iron Foundry, which we featured as a full playthrough last year.

Visualizer: Vimeo, YouTube  |  Streaming / download: SoundCloud

The reason for picking this song in particular right now is simple; the music meastro Petja Heiskanen has been finalizing the soundtrack. With the final mixes and masters being in place, it felt like a good idea to showcase how the game's music has progressed, from the demos to the final rendition.

As a refresher, the original demo version sounded like this;

TAGAP 4 Screenshot 16 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 17 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 18 TAGAP+ Screenshot 1 TAGAP+ Screenshot 2 TAGAP+ Screenshot 3