Weekly Penguin
July 31st, 2020

It's TAGAP Day – which means new TAGAP 4 Screenshots!

TAGAP 4 Screenshot 8 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 9 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 10

(this is actual gameplay footage)

Today marks the 13th anniversary of the launch of the original TAGAP – and it has become a yearly tradition to celebrate with some TAGAP goodies! Whilst we don't have a new trailer this time around, we did prepare a selection of screenshots from TAGAP 4.

These screenshots showcase familiar settings from the very first TAGAP, completely re-designed and re-imagined for the new gameplay mechanics and HD artwork. TAGAP 4 is NOT a remake, mind, but you do get to visit some places from the past that are still standing in this timeline – as there was no Pablo to destroy them.

And that is not all! I've finally dedicated a day of internet bandwidth to upload the 150 GB uncompressed version of the TAGAP 4 gameplay reveal to YouTube. The original encoded upload, though it was exactly as specified in the specs, was made blurry as heck by YouTube's compression algorithm – it really, REALLY hated our rain effects. The new version looks a lot better, though the download version is still superior in comparison.

Streaming version: YouTube  |  Download: Google Drive

And finally, naturally there's a new blog update on the TAGAP going-ons!

Happy TAGAP Day 2020, everyone! Stay safe and stay penguin.

July 1st, 2020

TAGAP 3 and Classic TAGAP updates!

Updates! Updates to everything!

Classic TAGAP v3.3 and TAGAP 3 v2.0 are now available to download. These updates include critical hotfixes addressing what turned out to be a memory leak, potentially resulting in crashes. Both releases also have further effects engine optimizations – as well as updated sound engine.

As always, you can download the updates as stand-alone installers, plain zip files or as more light-weight patches to the previous versions.

To download the freeware goodness, head to Download TAGAP 3 and Download Classic TAGAP sections.

May 23rd, 2020

Veldoodles' TAGAP longplays

Long-time TAGAP speed-runner Veldoodles has done complete longplay runs of the trilogy, the idea being that if you need some TAGAP B-roll but don't have the time to record some of your own, you're free to use his. If you do, give him a shoutout!

The full trilogy is now up:

These videos have also now have a dedicated new FAQ page, Playthroughs. Huge Thank You to Veldoodles!

Speaking of Veldoodles' videos, his uploads got claimed by some nefarious music rights companies, who think they own parts of the OSTs – which obviously is completely bull. The reason the Classic TAGAP update was delayed last week is because of this, as I've been forced to study my legal options on the matter. YouTube, eh?

Unless something else catastrophic occurs, the delayed Classic TAGAP update should launch THIS week.

June 13th, 2020

New TAGAP 4 screenshot

TAGAP 4 Level Complete screen

Since my schedule went haywire and I had to postone the Classic TAGAP updates to next week, would a new TAGAP 4 be an apt form of a penguin apology?

And yes, in TAGAP 4 we – finally – have the proper level completion stats tracking.

TAGAP 4 Screenshot 8 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 9 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 10 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 7 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 6 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 2