Weekly Penguin
December 24th, 2020

Christmas Special: Meet the Nemesis!

This year, our holiday bag-of-goods is slightly slimmer than usual due something as boring as scheduling conflicts. No, it's not the pandemic or anything bad even, on the contrary. But it has resulted in me not having the time to do what I originally planned – to make a full-blown trailer reveal of the main TAGAP 4 antagonist.

But just because I didn't have the time to make the trailer, it doesn't mean we can't introduce this new penguin anyway, right? Without further ado, here's the TAGAP 4 Key Art, featuring Pablo vs the Nemesis!

Classic TAGAP key art

1920×1080 1920×1200 3840×2160 (4k)

For more information who the Nemesis is, check out the brand new 'Making of TAGAP 4' blog update.

Happy Holidays – and stay safe everybody!

December 21st, 2020

Penguin DT's Season's Greetings!

Time for the 12th annual Weekly Penguin Holiday Greetings! Feel free to distribute this Christmas card to cheer up your penguin-loving friends and loved ones! Like last year, this one is available as both a video and as a wallpaper.

To share the card, use this permanent link: https://www.tagap.net/pow/p696.htm

And as always, we have something special up our sleeves for the Christmas Eve – remember check back then.

November 21st, 2020

Updates: Classic TAGAP v3.5 and TAGAP 3 v2.6

New set of updates for the entire TAGAP trilogy!

Classic TAGAP gets some important fixes, including potential scripting conflicts in TAGAP and Achievement issues in TAGAP 2. TAGAP 3 also gets a couple of Challenge-completion issues – including fixing the "Exterminate" challenge that was (stupidly) broken by the previous update.

For full list of fixes check out the full version histories for Classic TAGAP and TAGAP 3.

The updates are, as always, available as patches, full game installers and as plain zip files. Whatever you need, you'll find it in the Dowload Classic TAGAP and Download TAGAP 3 sections.

November 13th, 2020

New TAGAP trilogy updates around the corner!

Thanks to you lovely folks reporting in bugs, we're going to roll out a brand new trilogy of updates to both Classic TAGAP and TAGAP 3 very soon. And by 'soon' I don't mean it the way The New Bloods uses it, but next week!

The range of fixes include everything from graphical snafus to Challenge unlocking woes. Full list of fixes – and the updates themselves – arrive next week!

TAGAP 4 Screenshot 8 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 9 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 10 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 7 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 6 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 2