Weekly Penguin
November 14th, 2023

Anniversary & a glimpse of the future!

Happy anniversary, TAGAP 3 and TAGAP 4!

We don't have a new version of the games for today, sadly but we do have something else. How about making today's Weekly Penguin a teaser of the future? Yeah, let's do that!

A teaser of the next TAGAP adventure:

First teaser for the Next TAGAP adventure

1920×1080 1920×1200 3840×2160 (4k)

Yes, there are new things brewing!

I'm pretty psyched about the project, it is something quite different and I can't wait to share it with you. The game itself needs some more time in the oven before it can be shown off, but I hope this piques your interest.

But wait, that is not all – there is also a whole new Making of TAGAP 4 blog update, about how I generate sprite frames from Photoshop files.

If you're interested in graphics editing or have torn out your hair fighting Photoshop's mishandling of transparencies, this one is for you; also featured are downloads to my self-made Photoshop script files that reduce the multi-step process to a single button press.

October 10th, 2023

TAGAP on Bluesky

Thanks to help from fellow penguins, Penguin DT and TAGAP are now on Bluesky. We'll be on Twitter to the bitter end, but considering how fast it is deteriorating, time to have a new place to carry on penguin updates and Weekly Penguins.

We have the same handles on Bluesky as we do on Twitter: Name TAGAP and handle PenguinDT.

Or in full: bsky.app/profile/penguindt.bsky.social

September 19th, 2023



Last Saturday was the official 'best day of the year on Twitter', likely for the last time. That is naturally Sam's Penguins hosting the annual Draw A Penguin Day – when everyone is encouraged to draw a penguin. It makes everyone's day better, give it a try!

Twitter is in death spiral whilst its owner keeps pumping gasoline to the flames, so for this year I decided to do Sam's Penguin and our Pablo comforting the now-unemployed blue bird who helped us meet.

Huge thank you for Sam and his penguins – this event always brings a smile to my face! Here's hoping we'll find a way to continue it.

This – as well as our past entries – are available as wallpapers in the penguin wallpaper archive.

July 31st, 2023

TAGAP Day 2023 – Sweet Sixteen!

Thank you for 16 years of penguin world domination!

Though we usually feature tons of special treats on TAGAP Day – the anniversary of TAGAP on July 31st – this year we've struck a bit of a lull. TAGAP 4 is just out the door and development on new things has just started to pick up steam.

So, instead I thought this would be a good time to bring everyone up to speed on what's going on in form of an extra-large 'state of things' blog post.

Check it out!

Rest assured, you haven't seen the last of TAGAP yet. Things are happening behind the scenes, but are not ready for the prime time just yet. But hey, that just means it is the perfect excuse to celebrate the 'TAGAP's Sweet Sixteen' by replaying the quadrilogy!

TAGAP 4 Screenshot 19 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 16 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 17 TAGAP 4 Screenshot 18 TAGAP+ Screenshot 1 TAGAP+ Screenshot 2