Weekly Penguin
May 2nd, 2008

Update on update

The next update of TAGAP: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins is shaping up nicely. The patch will bring the biggest upgrades since implementation of Xbox controller support. We don't have a date set for the patch just yet, as changes of this scale need loads of testing, but it will be sooner than later, weeks instead of months.

Here's what to expect from TAGAP v1.7;

Difficulty setting adjustments

The most requested feature for TAGAP 2 so far has been re-worked difficulty settings. While TAGAP 2 has its own way of doing it, I decided it's time to tweak the original TAGAP as well. In version 1.7 we'll introduce one new difficulty setting and rename all the previous ones. The new skill settings are as follows:

  • Casual (new skill setting, "For beginners")
  • Normal (previously "Easy")
  • Hardcore! (previously "Normal")
  • Insane! (previously "Hardcore")
  • Necrophilissimo (same as before)

All the older skill settings work like before, so loading an older saves won't downgrade your chosen difficulty setting. In layman's terms; if you played the game on "Normal" in the past, it will be "Hardcore" in v1.7 and up.

Upgraded, polished and re-debugged

All software development kits and development tools have been upgraded to the latest available versions, which also gave us an opportunity and excuse to re-debug the entire game. This way we discovered and fixed several previously unknown bugs and assertion errors, meaning TAGAP should be smoother than ever before.

Improved cross-Windows compatibility

Version v1.7 should be compatible with older Windows systems out-of-the-box without a separate patch. Naturally, if any backwards compatibility issues rise even after this patch, we'll release a separately compiled version as well.

TAGAP 2 premiere

Yep, you got that right; TAGAP 2 will premiere in TAGAP! Version v1.7 ships with new extra content available through your Extras menu – unlocked after completing TAGAP – featuring first ever screenshots from TAGAP 2!

These shots will naturally be released on TAGAP website shortly afterwards, but I know most of you can't wait that long. And don't worry, the patch won't reset your in-game progress information – if you've completed TAGAP already, you can browse TAGAP 2 goodness immediately after upgrading.

Something to look forward to, right? 😉

Until next time,

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin