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July 31st, 2018
Making of TAGAP 3

TAGAP 3 Voice-over Sessions

TAGAP 3 Voice-over Sessions

Voice-over setup

So, here it is, what some of you have been asking for; us and our friends making ourselves look silly while grunting into a microphone in the name of TAGAP!

Since TAGAP 3 has a much larger cast of principal characters than the two previous games, we obviously needed a much bigger VO crew. So big of a crew, in fact, that the recording was split onto two days. Scheduling this was so tight that in the end I wasn't able to attend the second recording, but since Petja for sure knows his TAGAP VO, that wasn't a problem.

In September 2017 the makeshift studio was set-up in Petja's home theatre room – ideal, since one wall is obviously covered with canvas already. Equipment wise, all we really had and needed was the microphone (same one that we used with TAGAP 2), a pop-filter, our amazing script and some Penguin Poop.

To let everyone get the hang of the TAGAP 'Emoticon Speak' – where even the longest sentences sound like vocalisations and grunts – me and Petja recorded our 'lines' first, followed by the rest of the great cast.

So without any further ado, here is the Behind the Scenes: Voice-over Sessions!

In case you were wondering, Eetu 'Warlord' Pykäläinen loves seals almost as much as I love penguins, so obviously he had to voice the Navy Seal.

Also a huge 'THANK YOU' again to Neil Gardner at Ladbroke Audio for the intro narration. Obviously he recorded his audio at Ladbroke Audio studio in the UK – thus him not being seen in these sessions.

TAGAP 3 v1.6

Also in time for the TAGAP Day 2018, TAGAP 3 v1.6 was also released today. It mainly focuses on crushing the rest of the engine-side bugs and optimizing the engine. Additionally the engine was once again scrubbed throughout with the updated Visual Studio validator, which now follows the latest C++ core rules. What this really amounts to is the eradication of potential arithmetic overflow scenarios lurking deep within the codebase.

Per usual, the update is available in the Download TAGAP 3 section and comes as a full game and as a patch – both available as installers and as zip archives.

What am I working on right now?

I'm still working on the building blocks for our next project – base characters, objects and textures. The workflow is moving on rather well, despite the personal issues I've had to deal with recently and this goddamn brain-melting heatwave.

Recently I've been working on artwork for characters and objects. Though I won't say what these characters and objects are, I can tell something about the workflow. As I mentioned in the previous blog, I recently purchased a Wacom tablet for digital drawing / painting and that's what I'm using now.

My workflow concept is this; if the object or character is natural or organic – i.e. a rock – I will draw it straight by hand. However, if the object is manufactured – i.e. a computer – I will draw it with vectors and shade it by hand. So far this has created just the kind of results I was aiming for.

One reason for this approach is how our engines work, specifically how they rely on textured polygons for scenery. If I drew all those by hand, seeing them repeat as-is would seem a bit off. However, when the whole graphic look is by design a mix of hand-drawn and vector based, it all comes together seamlessly.

I know, it's lame that I can't show you the results, but when it is time to reveal this new project, I want to do so in motion, via a trailer. So, patience, dear reader.

Closing words

That's another 11 years of TAGAP craziness! Well, 11 in public and 14+ behind the scenes. Thank you to everyone who has stuck around or just popped in occasionally - as long as there's someone besides us rooting for Pablo, Pedro & Co, you can't keep us human penguins down.

So, thank you. And here's to plenty more years to come.

Until next time,

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin