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TAGAP: Original Soundtrack of the Apocalyptic Game About Penguins

The brilliant soundtrack of TAGAP is composed, arranged and produced by Petja Heiskanen. For this album release, the songs have been remastered and sequenced to create solid, stand-alone listening experience.

Track list

  1. TAGAP Theme Song
  2. Intro
  3. Hard Jammin'
  4. Jemma
  5. Track 2-A
  6. Intermission
  7. Rock 'Em All
  8. Burden
  9. Challenge Him
  10. Battle (Working Title)
  11. Elevator
  12. Funky Penguin
  13. Doomed
  14. Särkylääke
  15. Penguin's Retirement
  16. Died Again
  17. The King of Holfand
  18. A Turn in Can
  19. Penguinator
  20. Finally Free
  21. Antarctic Suite
  22. Turret
  23. Tokyo Funk
  24. Rokwah
  25. Fortress
  26. Proge Penguin
  27. New City Wars
  28. Grande Bosse
  29. Finale
  30. Pablo, Pedro & Pingu
  31. Battlin' Discoballs
  32. Extra – Battle (demo)
  33. Extra – City Wars (demo)

running time: 70 minutes


Poor movie can have a decent soundtrack, but a movie can't be any good if the soundtrack sucks. It's the unwritten law that applies to all entertainment, including games; if you think of your favorite game, you'll most likely remember its sound. The difficult task of defining TAGAP's sound fell on shoulders of Petja Heiskanen, a friend and a musician.

It all began in early 2004 when I gave Petja a bunch of songs, mainly score tracks, that had inspired me in terms of the game's visuals. It didn't take long for Petja to then create several tracks of his own. I kinda expected the first drafts to be direct test replicas, but instead they were something unique from the start. That was the sound of TAGAP. The principal themes soon took shape; boss tune of Pedro, sinister theme of Dr. Glowenko and of course the title theme song.

The music slowly transformed from MIDI to the real deal, yet the wibe remained essentially the same, influencing every aspect of TAGAP and the other way around. Being a soundtrack buff I know a thing or two about good scores; all I can do is to thank Mr. Heiskanen for this absolutely perfect soundtrack that ultimately made TAGAP a whole.

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin, 2007

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