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TAGAP 2: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins 2

Meaner penguins, bigger guns and more pills!

TAGAP 2 continues the story of cyber-penguins Pablo and Pedro, who now have joined forces.

The story starts off a couple of months after the events of TAGAP. It seems that Dr. Glowenko was actually hired by an international organization to build the cyber-army. However, Dr. Glowenko soon went nuts with his cyber-penguins and cut his connections to his benefactors, leaving them with nothing but a step-by-step guide for creating killer penguins. When Pablo and Pedro track the supply-trail back to remote warehouse, they stumble on even bigger zombie penguin army, commanded by general Primo, the most advanced cyber-penguin ever. More advanced and better equipped, Primo and his troops are going to finish what Dr. Glowenko's own private army once started; to conquer the world!

Following the success story of original TAGAP: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins, TAGAP 2 continues the original action formula and expands it to new heights with variety of new gameplay features, diverse environments and bigger and more dynamic action. Pablo is more able than before tossing grenades, using new vehicles, utilizing electro-magnetism and being more bad-ass, while Pedro provides back-up via air strikes. Not only that, but if you have an XInput game pad your friend can assume the role of Pedro and join you side-by-side in split-screen co-op play.

For fans of the original game Penguin Development Team has addressed many of the ideas and feedback provided by the gamers, making the game smoother than well-oiled penguin feathers. But don't be fooled; TAGAP 2 isn't just updated version of the original with a couple of extra guns, but a brand new game of its own. Everything from basic assets to characters are re-created to take advantage of the highly-improved game engine, resulting in one of the most detail-rich 2D platformer-shooters of all time. Plus it will feature brand new full-length soundtrack from TAGAP's critically acclaimed musician Petja Heiskanen.

TAGAP 2 will be released as freeware over the Internet for Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. TAGAP 2 has no release date just yet, but is currently scheduled to be finished in "lesser time than the original". Meanwhile it's perfect time to check the original TAGAP: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins and get hooked to these pill-munching, gun-toting cyber-penguins!

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