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Weekly Penguin 735

If you've followed us on Twitter, I'm sure you could see this one coming. Last weekend the third annual "Draw a Penguin Day" by Sam's Penguins on Twitter – and as usual, I had join in with this digital speed painting for #PenguinsForSamsPenguins.

This year I created an accidentally poignant painting. The recent news of a brand new penguin fossil discovery in New Zealand made me want to draw it – and I decided to add the New Zealand's most famous penguin in, too, for scale. About half-way through I realized I had drawn the world's most endangered penguin staring at an extinct one 😟

I'll take this opportunity to remind you that there is a charity organisation called Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust specifically working to ensure the smaller birb won't face the fate of the big birb. So if this makes you worried, check out these hard-working folk trying to save the Hoiho!

Even though this could count as re-posting, I'm adding this art to the Weekly Penguin archives as well, complete with a 4k wallpaper version. This also gives me another excuse to give a shout-out to the Sam's Penguins and this wonderful annual Twitter day.

And of course, remember that Draw a Penguin Day is open to everybody – not just artists and hobbyists, but anyone is free to use this excuse to draw, paint, doodle, sculpt or however create a penguin that day. Check out the hashtag to see the previous three years worth of waddling creations!

And remember to join in on the fun next year on September 17, 2022!

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Added: 2021-09-21