Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 840

Slight schedule shift, even though I hadn't announced one. Obviously I wanted to get this one done now whilst it is still intact.

Last weekend in the shops I stumbled upon these, a new penguin candies sold here in Finland. It's part of Fazer's Re-Mix of different candy mixes. This one is called 'Arctic' and features penguins (naturally salty liquorice), but also polar bears (citron-pear), arctic foxes (grapefruit), starfish (melon), fishes (strawberry-vanilla and blackberry-vanilla) and some Dumle chocolate balls as an extra.

As much as I love some penguin candy, someone needs to tell Fazer the difference between 'Arctic' and 'Antarctic'. 😅

Next week we'll be back in the realm of more plushie entries!

Added: 2023-09-26