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Weekly Penguin 176

Merry X-Mas and Peaceful Holidays!

This goes to all our friends, families, fans, site regulars – and to all penguins and the penguin-minded! And remember, this New Year is definitely worth celebrating, as 2011 will bring forth two of the most anticipated videogames of all time – Duke Nukem Forever and TAGAP 2!

Feel free to distribute this Christmas card to cheer up your loved ones with the link:


Our previous seasons greetings card proved to be a hit, both on TAGAP front and with the company I work for, so now we follow the tradition with a brand new one. Everyone who has been following our blog must have noticed how big of a fanboy I am towards certain British TV series and some of that has seeped through this time. But hey, fezzes are cool, right?

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Added: 2010-12-21