Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 207

TAGAP 2 launching in five days – FIVE DAYS – there really is only one way to go with the Weekly Penguin; TAGAP 2: Overdose Edition. Overdose Edition is our official promo version and it consists of a DVD-Rom (with TAGAP 2, the original TAGAP, both soundtracks as Mp3s, all the trailers, desktop extras and more) and the CD album version of TAGAP 2 soundtrack.

TAGAP 2: Overdose Edition is the very limited promo version of 30 copies total. While most of them were give to Penguin DT affiliates and gaming press, we saved a couple of them to be shared away in competitions and sweepstakes in near future. The packs were manufactured by CD Data Mate Oy and did a brilliant job; thumbs up for their good work and excellent service!

And, finally, the unboxing. You know, because everyone and their cousins are doing it;

Added: 2011-07-26