Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 334

And the honour of the first Weekly Penguin of 2014 goes to the one and only Sydney the Poketti penguin. This adorable fellow is a namesake of her designer, 13-year-old Sydney Loew from California. Together with her family, Sydney was able to bring the first series of Poketti plushies to life via a Kickstarter campaign that ended successfully in last August.

The idea behind Poketti is simple; A pillow-styled plush toy with a pocket, perfect for storing the Poketti notebook, your smartphone or anything else you wish. Considering majority of TAGAP games were designed as drafts in the notebooks I carry with me everywhere, Sydney gives me a perfect excuse to carry a penguin plush around as well. Not that I needed any more excuses, really, but now I have one more!

And fear not, if you missed the Kickstarter, the Poketti plushies are now available online at www.poketti.com

Also available as Wallpaper

Added: 2014-01-07