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Weekly Penguin 437

Happy Holidays!

This goes to all our friends, families, fans, site regulars – and to all penguins and the penguin-minded!

And that's another year down! 2015 saw the release more TAGAP 3 content than ever before – including an uncut gameplay reel. While we're still not on the final stretch of development just yet, things are ramping up nicely and big, formerly-missing chunks are falling into place. So, exciting times!

And to drive that home, a yearly tradition of ours continues; on Christmas Eve a Holiday Bag of Goodies will be unleashed. And yes, there will be a new, big character reveal, complete with wallpapers and everything! Stay tuned!

Feel free to distribute this Christmas card to cheer up your loved ones by copy-pasting this link:


Also available as Wallpaper

Added: 2015-12-21