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Weekly Penguin 438

And we end the year with one of the most awesome Weekly Penguins to date – seriously, this is right out there with Jack and Ricky. Meet... Pablo, Pedro and Primo!

To understand who these awesome chicks are, I need to introduce you to SANCCOB – short for Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds. They do everything related to their title, saving threatened sea birds from all sorts of troubles and threats you could imagine – and providing the needed after-care with their awesome rehabilitation teams.

While SANCCOB is there to help all sorts of sea birds in Africa, the Indian Ocean region, Antarctica and Sub-Antarctic, they are best known for their awesome work on aiding the endangered African Penguins. Big part of this hand-rearing and rehabilitating abandoned penguin chicks – and this is where these three chicks come in.

Anyone can help SANCCOB in their penguin protection efforts, even if you cannot volunteer in the rehabilitation directly. See, SANCCOB has a penguin chick adoption program. What this means that not only will you get to pay for rehabilitation of an abandoned penguin chick, but you will also get to name it. And in the way of saying 'thank you', SANCCOB will send you an adoption letter, complete with a picture of your brand new adoption chick.

So, without further ado, meet Penguin DT's adoptees; Pablo, Pedro and Primo! I originally only meant to adopt one chick, but watching this adorable fluff-balls made my heart melt. Instead I decided to abandon my Christmas present ideas and instead gifted Petja, Timo and Heini these adoptions instead. And you know what? I'm sure this is a beginning of a brand new penguin tradition!

Remember; you too can adopt a penguin chick – or three. Just head to SANCCOB website and choose Donate / Adopt a Penguin. I promise you, guaranteeing a great start for one of these chicks is well worth it!

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Added: 2015-12-29