Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 451

Well, last week was the Easter and it reminded me that I've forgotten to feature something related. Instead of waiting a full year for the next related holiday, here I present to you; Penguins of Madagascar Kinder figures!

Okay, just in case you are not aware of what Kinder Surprise eggs are; they are chocolate eggs made out of yummy double-layered chocolate – one layer milk chocolate, other white chocolate – housing a yellow plastic capsule. And inside that capsule there is a toy of some sort, either something you need to assemble yourself or a tiny collectible figurine. And naturally you don't know what's inside when you buy one, hence the 'surprise'. Each year these toys have a brand new line of collectible figurines and while they at first featured original designs, they've now moved into licensed brands.

Which brings us back to these Madagascar penguins collectibles, which were THE collectible Kinder figurine line for 2015, following the release of the movie. The main set consisted of the penguins, the North Wind and Dave – nine figurines in total. Here we naturally focus on the penguins – Kowalski, Rico, Skipper and Private – but I do have a complete set.

Speaking of completing the set, I didn't 'cheat'; these figurines are not from eBay or anything, but collected properly as random surprises from the eggs. In order to complete the set I had to buy 79 of them. Yes – 79. THAT's penguin dedication!

And no, I didn't eat them all myself; there's a limit to how much chocolate one can eat within a month.

Added: 2016-03-29