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Weekly Penguin 457

This week sees the inevitably-epic comeback of the one-and-only DOOM – and as you can see, me and Pablo couldn't be more excited! Timo and Petja are looking forward to it, too, but they are a lot more sane about it.

As I've said many-a-times before, DOOM is an important part of DNA of TAGAP and, well, likely myself, too. For starters, DOOM turned me from a semi-casual gamer into a hardcore lifer and formed the basics of how I approach game design. And of course it introduced me into the concept of modding, revealing that making video games isn't as difficult in the modern times as it used to be. In other words; without DOOM, there would be no TAGAP.

The new DOOM brings the series back to its roots it the most brutal and adrenaline fuelled way you could imagine. And me being me, I can barely contain my excitement!

Since the release of this game means that I will take my second-ever voluntary break from TAGAP3 development, consider this piece of fan-art as a 'thank you' for your patience! Worry not, as soon as I'm done slaughtering demons, I'm back on TAGAP3.

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Added: 2016-05-09