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Weekly Penguin 489

Happy Holidays!

This goes to all our friends, families, fans, site regulars – and to all penguins and the penguin-minded!

This year's Holiday Greetings card is a bit different; instead of a hand-drawn penguin card, we decided to go with a plush penguin one. The reason for this was simple; we've been meaning to feature this cute Christmassy penguin for several years now. It's just that during holiday season Petja has a pretty hectic schedule and we never managed to do a timely photoshoot. So, this year we decided to photograph this penguin during the summer, ensuring its well-deserved Christmas spot. Huge thanks to Violet Arlotta for sending this awesome fellow our way!

While everywhere else 2016 has been a disaster, in the world of gaming it was great. No, scratch that; this past year was insanely good for games! But the best news of the year was obviously that certain announcement from the summer, right?

And remember, our yearly tradition continues; on Christmas Eve a Holiday Bag of Goodies will be unleashed. And yes, there will be a new TAGAP 3 character reveal, complete with wallpapers and everything! Stay tuned!

Feel free to distribute this Christmas card to cheer up your loved ones by copy-pasting this link:


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Added: 2016-12-20