Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 493

More Ty's Beanie Boo penguins! You've already met Freeze, Pocket, Avalanche and multiple versions of Waddles, but here comes Ice Cube! This blue penguin has a birthday of February 11th and his introduction poem goes;

I shuffle through the Arctic snow; then slip on ice and away I go!

Again, this version of Ice Cube is the jumbo-sized one – twice the size of the most common Beanie Boos. Ice Cube brings us up-to-date on Benie Boos in my collection, but we still haven't covered all the penguins Ty's has to offer... meaning you'll be seeing more wide-eyed cuteness in the future!

Also, a friendly reminder; next Friday, January 20th, is the Penguin Awareness Day! And yes, that means we'll have new TAGAP3 screenshot for the occasion.

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Added: 2017-01-17