Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 498

And time for a completely new kind of penguin collectibles! While this one isn't my most expensive penguin, it definitely is that in relation to its size; a penguin pendant. Yes, you are seeing it right. We've moved into the dangerous territory of actual penguin bling!

This adorable thing, about the size of the pinky finger nail, is made of 925 silver (that means it's 92.5% pure silver). It is exclusive to Kultajousi jeweller's and comes with a child-length silver chain – which I need to replace if I ever hope to wear it.

By the way, this little fellow was nightmarish to photograph. Not only is it tiny, but as almost-pure silver it reflects everything. EVERYTHING! Not only did it require specific lighting to showcase the detailing, but you can actually go all CSI on this photo. Seriously, whilst Petja dodged out of the picture, you can still pick my reflection from the penguin's round, mirror-like surface. Colossal thanks to Petja for bearing with my silly collectibles!

You might be wondering; how did I move into the world of penguin jewellery? Well, discovering this one was a happy accident. The reason I went to the Kultajousi jeweller's was something quite unexpected... and that one you will see next week!

Added: 2016-02-21