Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 513

Well, since the postal office has failed me, my plan for a fluid arc of Weekly Penguins didn't happen. So instead we're doing these in more random order. And we start with a familiar bunch of pun-tastic birds in Alan Henderson's The Penned Guin Presents: We Waddlers.

Whilst The Penned Guin Treasure Edition featured the first about 500 strips, this album compiles 180 more. And it's all still brilliantly amusing in the proper Penned Guin way. Whilst I wholeheartedly recommend these strip collections to all fans of both penguins and funny comics, feel free to check out and follow Alan Henderson's official Tumblr to see how effectively these tickle your funny bone.

By the way, covering this compilation reminded me that I'm one album away from possessing the complete The Penned Guin collection. I guess I need to fix that ASAP!

Added: 2017-06-06