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And here we are, after almost three years of covering my new favourite comic Penguins vs Possums, the circle closes with the second trade paperback Penguins vs Possums: Volume Two. As I had somehow missed the original releases earlier, the first collected paperback was my introduction to the series in 2014, so I'm delighted to get a companion piece for it.

This Volume Two collects the issues 5, 6, 7 and 8 into a one tome. I've already covered the said issues one by one in the past, but to recap things; In the second half of the story chronicling the ages-old war between penguins and possums, us humans find ourselves caught in the between. Alliances are formed and sides are chosen, but naturally I can't say more than that without spoiling things.

Penguin War Room

I think I can say, however, that it soon becomes clear that the penguins are the villains of the tale and they pull of their part in a properly apocalyptic fashion. Emperor Xiao in particular makes a great miniature despot, whose motivations you'll understand, even if you can't support them. And the new player on the scene, the bodyguard Meilai standing by Xiao's side, is an intriguing character with one of my all-time favourite visual designs.

Like I've mentioned before, though we here at Penguin DT HQ focus on penguins by default, the possum side of the battle is supremely sympathetic and you can't help but to root for them. They are the furry underdogs destined to fight the imperial penguin war machine and you get to know them well during the journey.

The second collected volume was just released yesterday (June 19th) by Fanbase Press and can be ordered straight from their website – together with Volume One, obviously.

This sadly concludes our adventures with Penguins vs Possums, at least for now. One can always hope for a sequel or a heavy-duty hard cover Omnibus Edition, right? That said, the creators Sebastian Kadlecik, John Bring and Lindsay Calhoon Bring haven't stop producing great stuff. Kadecik's new comic series Quince is going strong (and is coming to trade paperback in October), whilst John Bring has penned multiple episodes for the Winchester Bros. in Supernatural.

Thanks for the fun ride, Team PvP!

Added: 2017-06-20