Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 516

This week's entry is perhaps the best personification of yours truly that we'll be featuring for a long while. See, I really enjoy coffee and keep trying out new kinds every time I can. In case you want to know, all my current favourites happen to originate from Kenya. Seriously, if the coffee comes from Kenya, there's a big chance of it being really good.

And of course you've likely noticed that I really like penguins. Surprise, right? It's to the point that many of my friends know me by the nickname 'Penguin'. And it isn't due to just my fan-boyism, but also because I love fish and can't stand heat; if the temperature goes above 15 °C (that's 59 °F) I start to boil – both physically and mentally. Thus I feel the print on the mug couldn't be more perfect!

Huge thanks to Shirley Johnson for sending this one me way – this was such a perfect match! And of course also to Petja for the great photography.

Also available as Wallpaper – 'cause I wanted this on my own desktop

Added: 2017-06-26