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Weekly Penguin 517

Every now and then you see something that combines multiple things you love into a one brilliant combo. So is the case of this T-shirt, named 'Penguin the Movie' designed by an artists who goes by the name mikiekwoods. Just in case the visual joke flies past you, here is the inspiration for it;

Original Alien 1979 poster

(The original "Alien" poster from 1979)

Yes, it's Alien meets penguins in one awesome epic pop culture mash up! As a hardcore fan of both – and the late H. R. Giger – this shirt was a must have.

By the way, getting my hands on this one was a lot tougher than anticipated. See, this shirt seemed to be an exclusive by the Woot! webstore – and the said store doesn't ship things to outside United States. However, the awesome fellow who pointed me to the shirt in the first place, Curtis Penguin of PSN Stores, came to the rescue – and thanks to him, I'm now an owner of this piece of legit pop art.

Extra special thanks to the fellow game- and penguin-enthusiast Curtis for arranging this!

Added: 2017-07-04