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Weekly Penguin 521

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original TAGAP – no really, it's been that long – Weekly Penguin is here one day early. To celebrate, I think it's time you meet the last – and perhaps the biggest – of the Big Bad Guys of TAGAP 3, the Funky Warlord. Yes, this green despot-of-a-bird is the leader of PDOD (Pluto Department of Defence), the military wing of Pluto Collective.

And now that the entire cast of villains has been introduced, here is a screenshot from our opening cinematic, featuring the entire rogues gallery;

The Rogues Gallery of TAGAP3

(this is an actual shot from the in-engine intro cinematic)

But this day isn't just about the Funky Warlord. No, we also have this very special treat for you;

Yes. Indeed.

But hey, don't go yet! We have tons of stuff to showcase – so head to the latest blog post for the full details on the Funky Warlord and "TAGAP 3 Theme Song".

Have a fun TAGAP 10th Anniversary!

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Added: 2017-07-31