Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 528

More penguin plush wallpaper goodness! This adorable profile belongs to a small-ish King Penguin plush discovered on a flea market by one of our helpful penguin-spotting friends, Carita Backman. Sadly, per usual with these ones, the tags of this penguin were removed, meaning I have no way of tracking its origins.

This doesn't make this little fellow any less special, though. You see, this is one of the very few collectibles I have portraying a moulting penguin with a 'fuzzy gray coat'. In case you were unaware, unlike most birds that replace their feathers one by one, penguins do it in a way that is also known as 'catastrophic moult' – by replacing their entire feather coat in one, single swoop. During the process, the penguins are left looking like the most extreme example of a bad hair day you've ever seen. And when the moult is almost over, the birds end up looking like this; mostly donning their tuxedoes, only with fuzzy patches.

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Added: 2017-09-19