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Weekly Penguin 534


This Weekly Penguin has been ready waiting for this day for about six months now and I'm delighted to finally share this little guy with you all. The moment I saw this, I immediately checked 'which day is the Halloween on this year?'. And yup, when Weekly Penguin Day and Halloween collide, this is the perfect fellow to feature.

Meet Pen, a Skelanimal by Toynami – a cutesy-spooky skeleton animal plushie. I knew these were a thing – they are very eye-catching in the plush toy isles – but it wasn't until about six months ago that I discovered there was a Skelanimal penguin! As a lover of penguins, horror films and combinations of cute and macabre, I realised right I way I needed to adopt one.

And in case you were wondering; no Halloween isn't much of a thing in Finland, despite all marketing wishing it was. That said, I'm a huge horror fiction buff and I welcome all and every excuse to celebrate horror iconography – from film and games to music and penguin plush toys.

So, from us at Penguin DT with the help of the adorable Pen;

Have a spooky Halloween, everybody!

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Added: 2017-10-31