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Weekly Penguin 542

Time to end the year of TAGAP 3 with our 3rd annual triple-whammy of cute and awesome; Meet Simon, Helen and Arthur!

Yes, it's that time of the year again. These super-cute chucks come to you as ambassadors of SANCCOB (Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds). SANCCOB, while not exclusively focused on them, are best known for aiding the endangered African Penguins. Big part of this is hand-rearing and rehabilitating abandoned penguin chicks – and this is where these three penguins come in.

See, even if you cannot participate in their volunteer work directly, SANCCOB has a penguin chick adoption program. What this means that not only will you get to pay for rehabilitation of an abandoned penguin chick, but you will also get to name it. And in the way of saying 'thank you', SANCCOB will send you an adoption letter, complete with a picture of your brand new adoption chick.

So, without further ado, meet Penguin DT's 2017 adoptees; Simon, Helen and Arthur. These chicks are named after Simon Jeffes and Helen Liebmann, the founding members of Penguin Cafe Orchestra – as well as Arthur Jeffes, the mastermind behind the band's current successor Pengin Cafe. Both bands are not only brilliant, but also regulars here on Weekly Penguin arena.

Remember, you too can adopt a penguin chick – or three. Just head to SANCCOB website and adopt a penguin! I promise you, guaranteeing a great start for one of these chicks is well worth it!

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Added: 2017-12-26