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Weekly Penguin 592

The end of 2018 has been so sad that I'm having trouble finding the right words. I think it all best summed up with:

I miss you, Mom

As my mother appreciated her privacy and didn't splash her life on social media, I won't do so either. I will say, however, that she was a kind and positive person, an optimistic realist who always looked at the bright sides and seeking ways to make things better. She always tried to help people if she could and made many, many friends all over the world via letter writing.

Where I love penguins, she loved raccoons and koalas. Even though her plush raccoon family pales in comparison to my penguin army, it is quite formidable nonetheless. And every time she came across an article or video of a raccoon doing something cheeky or mischievous, it made her smile.

I love you mom. Thank you for everything, I couldn't have asked for better guidance in life. I miss you so much.

Even though I'm sad beyond words, I do genuinely wish the end of 2018 to be great for everyone out there. So chill, take a moment to appreciate all things awesome and – if you can – give a hug to someone you love.

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A note to all the great penfriends of mom

If you are a penfriend of my mother's who learns of her passing this way, I am very, very sorry. I've been doing my best to notify everyone personally, via e-mail when I have the address – or via letters if I don't. If you've yet to receive a letter, chances are that it is on the way, sadly stuck in Christmas traffic. My solemn apologies if this is the case.

Added: 2018-12-22