Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 610

Since we started going down the path of Tiimari penguins, I think it is high time we featured some more. Tiimari was what I would call a trinket store chain, selling all sorts of small decoration and art / crafts supplies. In Finland it held its place for both collectors and hobbyists alike for a very long time – since 1975 – until bad branding decisions led to its bankruptcy.

Over the years I bought heck-of-a-lot of penguin curiosities from the store. Though most of them were decorative ones – like the several plaster penguins we've featured earlier – some are more utilitarian. Like this here pencil sharpener. Yes, that's what it is. The beak also doubles as an eraser, but I haven't it used it that way – I don't want to mess up the penguin look.

Added: 2019-04-30