Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 615

Here's one of my favourite decorations that has been waiting patiently for its turn. This beautiful ceramic penguin is work of an artist Susanna 'Suska' Lähde. I purchased this from her shop Savi-Heinä Puoti all the way back in 2005 – if my memory serves me right.

The only reason it has taken this long to feature this beauty is simply down to logistics; this is a fragile ceramic figurine situated in my Penguin DT cave, whilst all our main photo shoots happen in Petja's home studio. When we hold these photo shoots, I usually have my hands full of penguins and never dared to add this one to the transport. However, I've set-up a small DIY mini-studio at my end just for these kind of penguins.

Huge thanks to Susanna Lähde – this is perhaps my favourite ceramic penguin!

Also available as Wallpaper

Added: 2019-06-04