Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 622

A new TAGAP release for sure needs its own key art – so here is the cover artwork for Classic TAGAP! Naturally, the key art is also available as a wallpaper below.

What was at first supposed to be just the original TAGAP cover recoloured via digital painting, turned into a full-on 'redraw challenge'. Unlike all three previous covers that were drawn with pencils and coloured digitally, this one is 100% digital. I didn't think to record the creation of this as a time lapse akin to the TAGAP 3 cover reveal, but I can re-construct the creation process from backup snapshots.


The original quick draft.


Areas filled in based on the draft.


Standard lighting and shadows with 50% grey colours. Matte highlights, glossy highlights and shadows are all separate so that they can be manipulated independently later.


Creating the atmosphere via deepening the shadows, adding light beams and drawing the muzzle smoke.


Adding colour.


Finalizing the image via adding bloom to metal surfaces and adding a cold tone to the light.

TAGAP cover comparison

Finally, the covers compared side-by-side.

Also available as Wallpaper: 1920×1080 1920×1200 3840×2160 (4k)

Added: 2019-07-23