Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 623

Here's a quicker, less-photoshopping demanding entry to lighten the side-activities whilst I prepare for the Classic TAGAP launch – which is tomorrow! Wow!

What you see here is, quite obviously, a tumbler glass from the ZLS London Zoo gift shop – and it is the last of the souvenirs from my epic London trip and the audience with Jack and Ricky. In the bottom of the glass there is a small container filled with bright blue liquid. And if look closely, in the liquid there are two small penguins, floating away on small chunks of 'ice'.

Now, the idea of this is that no matter what, the penguins float upright. And indeed, no matter how hard I try, I can't knock the other one down. The thing is, both of the penguins used to be upright, but somehow the luggage handlers at the airport managed in the impossible and shook the other one over.

And of course, the penguins are equally impossible to bring back upright, so now the other one just chills there, backstroking I assume.

Added: 2019-07-30