Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 624

Another discovery from the past, unearthed whilst going through my storage. These are Valiojäätelö Pingviini ice cream sticks. Of course, the brand is now owned by Froneri Finland and is know known simply as Pingviini ('Penguin') without the Valio-part. These are from an early 1990s family holiday and came with Pingviini ice cream servings from an ice cream bar.

Also worth noting; this image isn't photoshopped. The background is actually a giant, soccer ball sized lump of glass which is illuminated with a flashlight. The glass chunk also comes from the 90s, from a site of an old glass factory. There used to be chunks like this all over the site, but just like this one, they've all been picked up as décor by now.

Added: 2019-08-06