Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 627

If there's something I love almost as much as penguins, its coffee – so naturally I have quite a few of penguin coffee mugs. And this brilliant design is from Australian artist Sally Howell, from her series of cute illustrations based on native Australian animals. And indeed, the penguins pictured here are Australian natives – the little blue penguins! The mugs are of great quality, courtesy of Maxwell & Williams.

Also featured are Sally Howell's two koala designs. They are adorable, aren't they? Huge thank you to Rokki Muzik-Smith again for these – Mom would've loved the koalas, I'm sure.

If you're interested in Sally Howell's art, head to her site at taffyblue.com. The mugs are available at Maxwell & Williams online store and they come well packed in illustrated tin cans – seen in the background in the picture above – so you can feel pretty safe about international shipping.

Added: 2019-08-27