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Weekly Penguin 609

Hello there! You've seen this fellow before on the World Penguin Day earlier this year – this is Pudding! He comes from the U.K. and is a Little Town Christmas Penguin from Aldi. The story how he got all the way up here from U.K. is a great small tale that truly brightened my dark days.

If you've followed us on Twitter, I'm sure you've seen me follow and share the antics of Perry the Penguin and his penguin family. Seriously, you need to follow Perry, as his antics never get old! Anyway, last year his penguin posse got a new member – Pudding from Aldi. There are no Aldis in Finland mind, so I couldn't get one for myself, but I was happy to follow Perry's friend's adventures.

However, after Christmas, as a holiday-themed item, Puddings went on clearance. And for several days, Perry reported on the Pudding situation in their local Aldi – and in the end there was just one more Pudding to adopt. He was sitting there. All alone.

I commented that I wished I could adopt this last, lonely Pudding and Perry – the good-hearted cheeky boy that he is – decided to help me with that. Perry appropriated his daddy's credit card, saved the last Pudding and shipped him to Finland.

Party for Pudding!

While I don't want to hammer on the fact – after all TAGAP is a fun place about penguins – but the end of the last year was horrible for me. And even though it may make me sound like an over-sentimental dork, the fact is that Pudding's arrival was among the first things to make happy. A kind gesture from a little stuffed penguin from abroad and a new waddling friend here at the Penguin DT HQ is what it took.

So welcome proper, Pudding – and thank you Perry – never change, you lovable rascal you!

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Added: 2019-12-10