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Weekly Penguin 655

DOOMsday approaches – and we here at Penguin DT are pretty darned hyped! We're SO hyped, in fact, that we've roped our Internet penguin colleagues into it!

Here is Alan Henderson's epic Penned Guin take on DOOM. This was a commission available through the recent Kickstarter campaign for "Vision", the latest compilation of the Penned Guin.

You've certainly already aware that I'm a huge fan of The Penned Guin, having featured it multiple times in the past. If you've missed this gem of a comic strip, take a stroll through the official Tumblr – if you're not smiling by the end of it... well you're likely not into penguins and puns?

Huge thank you, Mr. Henderson, for another to-be-framed masterpiece!

As a special treat, celebrating both the Penned Guin and the upcoming DOOM Eternal, here it is turned into a 4k wallpaper.

GUIN wallpaper

Also available as Wallpaper

Added: 2020-03-10