Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 656

Time for DOOD Eternal!

Watch out, denizens of Hell, there's a new Slayer in town.

With the great Prinny solo games just being announced for re-release, I thought to combine the two things I love - blowing demons and penguins – or Disgaea and DOOM. I just realised I haven't covered Disgaea proper here on Weekly Penguin arena, I need to fix that!

Anyway, to say I'm hyped for DOOM Eternal would be an understatement. Last year was rough beyond belief in my personal life, but the idea of getting to play the follow-up to what is currently my favourite game of all time kept me going. That may sound pathetic, but that's how it is.

What's really ironic, considering how things are going, is that I coined the DOOM Eternal release date 'Doomsday'. A bit on the nose for 2020, isn't it? Well, if the whole world goes to shit, at least I'm having one hell of a last virtual hurrah.

Rip and tear, Dood!