Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 657

This adorable charm comes from the artist Pingki. If this hearty design seems familiar, this isn't the first time we've featured Pingki's penguin creations – almost a year ago we featured her Kickstarter project, the Penguin Love enamel pin.

Sometimes stars align perfectly. See, the new EU banking legislature that came to effect last year changed the way I log into my bank. I used to have those pass-code list cards, but now they're 'not up to code', forcing the use of either a smartphone app or a password dongle. Since my phone isn't exactly smart, I had to get the dongle.

However, that dongle is so small I kept misplacing it. And just when I lost my patience with it and decided to look for a keyring or a charm for it – I noticed this on Pingki's twitter! I've coined the charm 'The Banker', as every time I need to get some banking done, I'll now look for this penguin.

If you'd like to adopt one of these charming charms, you can do so at Pingki's Etsy store. Whilst the COVID-19 has put everything on lock-down around this world – including Pingki's Etsy – but remember to check back once this mess is over.

After all, we all could use some penguin love right about now 🐧💕

Added: 2020-03-24