Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 685

What a coincidence – the previous Weekly Penguin came up in a Twitter conversation with Alan Henderson and now we're here for his latest collection of The Penned Guin comics... called Coincidence.

Featuring the next 100 pages of this brilliant and hilarious web comic – as featured on tumblr, Twitter and Instagram – in proper, physical form. Yes, on actual paper and everything!

Penned Guin 1707: Turtles

Again, this compilation was funded via a Kickstarter and there were plenty of backer goodies – including these art print cards of excellent quality.

Coincidence Kickstarter extras

And what a "coincidence", speaking of related Kickstarter goodies, next week we'll have some more. In the meantime, go grab your copy of Coincidence via The Penned Guin web store.

Added: 2020-10-06