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Happy Holidays!

Holiday vibes to all friends, TAGAP fans and the penguin-minded. Let's follow up the feature from last year with another adorable singing plush toy!

This is the Singing Christmas Penguin from the now-defunct Top-Toy. Just like the previously featured Gemmy Industries Penguin Imposter, this, too, sings a traditional Christmas song whilst dancing to it.

I know I'm lucky when it comes to this past year. The thing is, and sure you've realised this by now, I'm an introvert nerd – and thus the isolation measures haven't phased me much. And as a Finn, social distancing is our national default. Of course these things have caused challenges for us, but they pale in comparison to what most of you had to go through.

I hope you've found something to brighten your turbulent year, be it music, the amazing games, penguins... no matter how small. Or if you didn't, you can always celebrate 2020 being almost over! Regardless, a huge thank-you to all of you for being part of the ride!

Feel free to distribute this Christmas card to cheer up your loved ones by copy-pasting this link:


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Added: 2020-12-21