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Weekly Penguin 725

This boiling summer heat reminding me of the place these guys call home, it is the perfect time to feature more Prinnies of the Disgaea fame! And hey, the latest game in the series having just launched, I have some catching up to do.

This here is Prinny Block – and though it looks like it, it is not made of Legos. These are Lego copy-cat blocks that are roughly half the size of the real deal. The build is really solid and sturdy, being done in layers of tiles instead of blocks. The only 'not-so-sturdy' part of the build are the stilt legs, but you can't really have in-scale stilts and not end up with something a bit wobbly.

The details of the build are great, right down to the posable brick scarf. There are 187 pieces in the build and it comes with few backup pieces – and stickers for the eyes and the Prinny Pouch details.

Side view of the Prinny model

I wonder if I could replicate this build with real Legos – I'm pretty sure it is possible with only a few changes to the instructions. 🤔

Oh, if you're wondering where did this Prinny Block come from, tune in again next week, Dood!

Also available as Wallpaper

Added: 2021-07-13