Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 736

More penguin books – and as it turns out, another whole new penguin series.

This series is called Space Penguins written by Lucy Courtenay and illustrated by James Davies. Note that it is not to be confused with the TV series 3-2-1 Space Penguins.

The series stars the crew of starship Tunafish; the captain James T. Krill, the first mate Beaky Wader, the pilot Rocky Waddle, the security officer Fuzz Allgrin and the engineer Splash Gordon. Together the crew tackles all the sci-fi tropes you could imagine, done in form of child-friendly parody filled to the flippers with penguin puns.

The series begins with Star Attack!, in which the starship Tunafish picks up a distress signal. What seems to be a regular space rescue mission turns fishy when the crew finds themselves in trouble.

The stories truly have the spirit of the old-school camp sci-fi, even though some of the tropes can feel thick-laid for older fans. This is a good thing, however; I think these would work really well as sort of gate-way sci-fi for younger audiences, whilst adults will appreciate the parody aspect of it.

I have to give a special shout-out for the cover illustrations and designs. The whole series looks like a penguin version yesteryear pulp sci-fi and I love it!

Added: 2021-09-28