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Weekly Penguin 751

As it is customary here at the Penguin DT HQ, I don't do many Christmas gifts – and when I do, it's all about penguin adoptions. This past Christmas I did something a bit different; instead of a couple of penguins, I adopted a slew of penguin eggs!

If you are confused, let me explain. For multitude of reasons, penguin eggs can go abandoned. In the case of the endangered African penguins, SANCCOB (The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds) is there to help. Receiving up to 150 eggs per year, the found eggs are incubated and the hatchlings are hand-reared by the keepers – resulting in healthy penguins waddling to the wild!

By adopting an egg, you've covered to costs of the incubation period for SANCCOB's Chick Rearing Unit, ensuring the eggs are safe and warm until it is time for the penguin inside to conquer the world.

You, too, can adopt an egg – or a fully-hatched penguin – via SANCCOB website. And remember, though I do this as my Holiday Season tradition, penguins are not just for Christmas.

Added: 2022-01-11