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Weekly Penguin 755

Time for more penguin-themed music, this time from Japan in form of the brilliantly-named Penguin Research. It is a rock-band founded by the bassist-songwriter Horie Shota and the vocalist Ikuta Yoji in 2015. Again, I'll start the introductions with the album that introduced me to them a few years back, Haisha fukkatsu-sen jiyūgata (敗者復活戦自由形) from 2017.

Though the penguin theme doesn't carry over into the lyrics, it does to the album artwork, almost all of them being appropriately penguin-centric.

I would describe their music as 'super-energetic J-Rock' that would fit right at home in something like Megaman X. It's kind of telling that though they are not an anime-related project, Penguin Research is signed onto Sacra Music, which is basically Sony's anime-focused sub-label.

Recently, whenever I need an sonic energy kick and don't feel like going Mick Gordon levels of heavy, Penguin Research has been my go-to. Again, this is where I'd embed a music video from the album, but YouTube doesn't allow that any more – so you'll have to look them up yourself.

If you like J-Rock or energetic rock in general, you can't go wrong with Penguin Research.

Added: 2022-02-08