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Weekly Penguin 609

Since we're on the roll, let's complete the Penguin Research trilogy. Not that this is the entire discography of the band, no, this is just the first three releases and the ones I currently have. The mini-album 'Will' was released in 2016 is the first commercial release from the group. The album is notable to anime-watchers, too, for featuring the closing theme from Durarara!!×2, ジョーカーに宜しく (Jōkā ni yoroshiku).

When I first got into Penguin Research, I expected the first album to sound different or more raw – that's usually how it is with pop-rock group debuts – but no, the group have had their signature sound from the get-go, indicating a clear vision that has most likely contribyted to them being a success.

There actually is a specific reason I started featuring these albums right now – I've been procrastinating on completing the Penguin Research discography collection and I'm aiming for this feature extravaganza to kick me to actually do it.

For next week, I have something different and special planned. It's going to be great, stay tuned!

Added: 2022-02-22