Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 762

As I've mentioned in my blog before, I've hunkered down to mega-crunch mode with TAGAP 4 and while I creatively thrive in it – yes, contrary to popular narrative, some of us actually get a creative kick out of crunching – it does have some side effects. Most notably loss of sense of time. Case in point; I completely missed that it was the 'Weekly Penguin day'.

Since I don't have any non-featured penguins photographed at moment, time for something I'm sure you won't object to – more diagetic TAGAP artwork!

Here is the original Doctor Glowenko and his fearsome army! Again, this is from the 'previously on TAGAP' sequence of TAGAP 4. You can actually tell the two Glowenkos apart from their outfit – this is the classic, less militaristic one you see in the original game.

Whilst the great Poison Sleeper did most of the diagetic paintings for the alternate timeline Glowenko, this one is by yours truly. This was the very first of these digital paintings I did for diagetic art myself – and set the tone for everything that came from my stylus after. Obviously this was inspired by direct-to-VHS cover art aesthetic, right down to the colour schemes.

Also available as Wallpaper: 1920×1080 1920×1200 3840×2160 (4k)

Added: 2022-03-29