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Weekly Penguin 767

Taking advantage of the last minute extra snow that dropped in last week as a winter finale, more penguins-in-the-snow photography. This happy fellow is called Pondus the penguin, a character created for a Danish children's book by Ivar Myrhøj dating all the way back in 1966. Pondus has also since become the official mascot of Danske Bank, from which this piggy bank is from.

Researching this actually made me a bit miffed – no-one ever told me the mascot of my bank is a penguin! Apparently this character is related more to the services directed at children, specifically as piggy banks for kids' accounts. When Danske Bank absorbed the bank I had my accounts with, I was at my late teens so I guess they thought I was too old for penguin merch and never mentioned it.

Correction, Danske Bank; I'll never be too old for penguin merch.

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Added: 2022-05-03