Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 800

Happy and peaceful Holidays!

The Holiday Season 2022 is here – and so is Weekly Penguin #800!

With that milestone, and the fact that he just starred in a new game, Pablo is taking a well-deserved rest. There's more on the way, don't worry about that, but for holidays Pablo will take things chill.

That goes for me, too. I've been pushing myself quite hard to make the TAGAP 4 launch as smooth as possible and chilling down for two weeks is exactly what the Funky Doctor would order.

And that kind of is the message I want to say to everyone; this is the one time of the year you have the perfect excuse to chill, so don't waste it on stressing if you can help it. The world sucks and it will keep doing that even if you forget it for a day or two.

Feel free to distribute this Christmas card to cheer up your loved ones – or enemies – with:


And remember to check back sometime over the holidays – before going to sleep, Pablo wrapped up a Christmas present that will land on the 24th.

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Added: 2022-12-20