Weekly Penguin

Weekly Penguin 839

Last Saturday was the official 'best day of the year on Twitter', likely for the last time.

That is naturally Sam's Penguins hosting the annual Draw A Penguin Day – when everyone is encouraged to draw a penguin. It makes everyone's day better, give it a try!

And as usual, the following Weekly Penguin is my contribution in wallpaper form. Again, mine was a digital speed painting. Well, not that speedy, clocking at 3 hours, but still.

Twitter is in death spiral whilst its owner keeps pumping gasoline to the flames, so for this year I decided to do Sam's Penguin and our Pablo comforting the now-unemployed blue bird who helped us meet.

Huge thank you for Sam and his penguins – this event always brings a smile to my face! Here's hoping we'll find a way to continue it.

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Added: 2023-09-19