Weekly Penguin
March 3rd, 2008

Withdrawal symptoms

NOTE: This blog entry was written February 29th for the now-defunct TAGAP MySpace blog and was later mirrored to TAGAP website. Note that since then I've got my laptop back and we're back in daily routines. And I have indeed sent a garden gnome into space.

After my laptop broke last weekend, I haven't been able to work on TAGAP or TAGAP 2 for about a week now, and funny enough, it shows. Seriously, I'm having pretty clear withdrawal symptoms, ranging from loss of sleep and general irritability to everything reminding me of things that are on my TAGAP2 'to-do-list' (i.e. every time I see a power box in some movie or TV series). It's quite interesting, really, I love making games but I never considered myself an addict. Perhaps I should get out more? :)

But on positive side of things, I just received a phone call from the HP support and I'm getting my computer back next week, hopefully just in time for delayed weekly penguin.

So, how does a geek like me spend all my free time without TAGAP? Not-so-surprisingly, I've been playing games, namely John Woo's Stranglehold and Xbox Live Originals' Psychonauts. Both are brilliant games, Stranglehold improving the Max Payne mechanics with several original ideas and Psychonauts thanks to its clever and inventive levels. You won't be seeing either of those games influencing TAGAP 2 much, though to my surprise Stranglehold does have a thing or two in common with our TAGAP 2 design (those TAGAP 2 designs predate Stranglehold, mind you). In time you'll see what I mean.

On top of those, I've also been hunting some The Orange Box achievements. Next up, "The One Free Bullet" and the infamous "Little Rocket Man". Usually I don't do achievement hunting this extreme, but in case of The Orange Box I really love the way the achievements encourage players to approach situations from different perspective and to experiment things.

In any case, it seems next week we'll return to our regular programming.

Until next time,

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin