Weekly Penguin
May 23rd, 2020

TAGAP 3 Update v1.9

A smaller hot-fix styled TAGAP 3 update v1.9, improving stabilitiy and fixing issues resulting from the more extereme optimisation steps taken with the previous release. In other words; if you ran into technical troubles when running the previous release, this hopefully fixes your issues. For the full list of changes, check out the version history.

To download the update, head to Download TAGAP 3 section. And of course the update is available as a stand-alone installer, an update and plain ZIP files.

April 25th, 2020

Happy World Penguin Day 2020!

World Penguin Day 2020 screenshot

(this is actual gameplay footage)

While every day is a penguin day in Penguin DT HQ, we take the World Penguin Day as an excuse to celebrate.

And you know us; we'll celebrate the occasion with the only way possible – with a brand new TAGAP 4 screenshot! For more information on the new enemy seen in the shot, check out the brand new behind-the-scenes blog post.

Penguins Forever!

April 1st, 2020

Updates to the whole TAGAP trilogy!


April starts with brand new updates for both the Classic TAGAP and TAGAP 3!

Classic TAGAP v3.2 gets crucial fixes, including better forced cut-scene audio sync, improved collision detection and other minor fixes.

TAGAP 3 v1.8 brings the Classic TAGAP improvements to Pablo's adventures on Pluto – including 21:9 monitor support and loads of optimisations to the engine.

And all the games get analogue movement support when using controllers. You can toggle between the classic digital and the new analogue movement. For full list of changes, check out the release notes for the Classic TAGAP and TAGAP 3.

To download the updates, check out the download sections for both Classic TAGAP and TAGAP 3. As always, the updates are available as stand-alone installers, separate patches and as plain ZIP files.

March 17th, 2020

DOOD Eternal

DOOD Eternal

Watch out, denizens of Hell, there's a new Slayer in town! With the great Prinny solo games just being announced for re-release, I thought to combine the two things I love - blowing demons and penguins – or Disgaea and DOOM.

If you like this one, check out the Weekly Penguin entry – featuring a 4k wallpaper download.

Rip and tear, Dood!

March 10th, 2020



DOOMsday approaches – and we here at Penguin DT are pretty darned hyped! We're SO hyped, in fact, that we've roped our Internet penguin colleagues into it! Here is Alan Henderson's epic Penned Guin take on DOOM. This was a commission available through the recent Kickstarter campaign for "Vision", the latest compilation of the Penned Guin.

For more information – and the 4k wallpaper – check out this week's Weekly Penguin!

January 22nd, 2020

Penguin DT's Games of the Year 2019 showcase

GOTY 2019

A bit late, perhaps, but then again, it is never too late to celebrate some good games. So, welcome to the 8th annual Penguin DT 'Games of the Year' showcase, where we share some of the games we loved over the year!

Congratulations to all the winners from us Finnish penguins!